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Fifteen Years of Western NATO and U.S.-led “Terror Management”, Coercion and Weapons of Mass Migration Coming Full Circle (Part Five)

The circle of “mass migration weapon attempt” is closing in! Slowly but surely we are getting an overview of the New World Order’s “grand strategy!”

Let’s review the main points of this grand migration scheme:

A) Create a “U.S.-Homemade” 911 (100% internal) coup d’état upon your own (American) people.  Murder 2500 citizens thanks to George W. Bush and Anthony Charles Lynton Blair also known as Tony Blair.

B) Rally “(inter)national emotions” to justify a global war on terror: the perfect geopolitical recipe or “opener” for upcoming international conflicts “wherever, whenever and with whomever”! Take your pick: Afghanistan, Iraq, Egypt, Libya, Syria, Ukraine, Sudan, Yemen or Mali!

C) Funnel the appropriate amount of money to “local freedom fighters” via NGOs. Create local “U.S. terrorist groups” such as Al Qaeda (as the U.S. did in 1979 when fighting Soviets troops in Afghanistan). Rename Al Qaeda into ISIS/ ISIL/IS/Daesh (Al Qaeda 2.0) wherever geopolitical needs may apply.

D) Apply U.S. Pentagon counterterrorism tactics to fight your own self-created CIA-led, CIA-trained and CIA-funded terrorist fractions (ISIS/IS/ISIL) led in your own command center: the Ankara U.S. Embassy in Turkey. Promote your campaign under the flag of  “Democracy” being fully aware that only geopolitical fools would believe in the spread of democracy in countries such as Libya, Syria, Iran, Irak, Yemen or Afghanistan!

E) Uphold the “spread of democracy” while pretending to defeat terrorism (your own “self-created” enemy.) Foster a color revolution as the perfect cover-up to destroy a country’s targeted infrastructure and transform it into a waste-state: Libya and Syria.

F) Create an army of migrants composed of vibrant citizens (75-80% are male.) Set up a migration agenda and transfer them to the target country of your choice.

It has come to our knowledge that U.S. organizations are paying for the boats taking thousands of refugees to Europe. U.S. organizations have created a co-financing scheme which provides for a considerable portion of the transportation costs. Not every refugee from North Africa has 11,000 Euro cash. Nobody is asking, where is the money coming from?” French government was caught selling life boats to refugees in Turkey via honorary pro-consul Françoise Olcay. France also caught supplying Migrants with real falsified Syrian Passports.

G) Upon arrival, supply your “migration army” with digital ammunition: smartphones

“A key ‘weapon’ used in 2011 by imperialism to destroy the institutions of the nation-state was the smartphone. Thousands of smartphones were provided to US-funded ‘activists’ during Zionism’s ‘Arab Spring’. It is unsurprising, therefore, to see that smartphones are being supplied to thousands of migrants by NGOs once they arrive in Europe. This could become a nightmare for any nation-state refusing to cooperate with imperialism’s migration agenda.”

H) Upon arrival brief your Migrants onto “what to expect”, their “rights” and their “destinations” (Germany for the most part) using onsite NGOs such as Red Cross, Caritas or Amnesty International, perfectly knowing that police won’t be allowed to participate or interfere! Don’t forget to give them a complementary smartphone thanks to the support of oligarchs such as Soros or Carlos Slim. Smartphones will give you the flexibility to arrange flash-mobs should you ever need it! Remember German New Year’s Eve in Cologne, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Düsseldorf, Berlin.

I) After arrival, outsource your “migrating crowd” to private enterprises (NGOs) and turn your Migrant crisis investment into a “million EUR” business opportunity (Rothschild and the Migrant Industry) This should reimburse your initial investment costs: transportation and smartphones —plus interests of course!

ORS Services, a Swiss company running migrant reception centers, is doing well. Run by London-based private equity firm Equistone Partners Europe Ltd, an affiliate of the Rothschild-owned Barclays Bank, which is considered to be the most influential financial institutions in the world. German economist Wolfang Freisleben has described Barclays Bank as ‘Rothschilds slaughtership’. “It [ORS Services] now operates in Germany and Austria and recorded $99 million in revenue last year. ORS Service has thrived on Europe’s inability to cope with the refugee crisis.”

No more worries! From now on, costs will be picked up by German/Austrian taxpayers, since the bulk of migrants are headed towards Austria/Germany: “The Promise land” of the two last booming European economies.

As you can see, your self-created “Migrant crisis Investment circle” just closed itself!

Global Elite’s “ROI”: Return On Investment, boat fares towards Europe and smartphone delivery upon arrival, will have to be financed by gullible European tax payers being constantly brainwashed by mainstream media that political correctness obliges them (especially Germans) to support, accept and contribute! Beware of (German) citizens not supporting the migrant tidal wave; they shall be stamped as “right extremists”, “fascists” or even “Nazis.”

It would be silly to think that 100% of the German population swallows the local main stream media propaganda of the German presstitutes nicknamed Lying Media: Lügenpresse! German journalists, scholars and historians such as Eva Herman, Jürgen Elsässer, Gerhard Wisnewski and Prof. Dr. Michael Vogt (to name just a few) are bravely counteracting the German government propaganda backed up by German Mainstream media represented by personalities such as Sandra Maischberger.

Resurging German national patriotism

Please bear in mind that the following example is not about a lady “propagandist” or “right extremist” presenting herself “silly!” Eva Herman, a 57 years young German TV anchor, is a married lady with one child; she lives in Hamburg. For many years Eva has been successfully working for German Mainstream TV stations such as ARD and NDR. She’s been acclaimed as one of the most successful (German) TV Anchors. Eva was eventually stamped as “right extremist” because of her honest reporting. Here’s Eva’s striking blog header:

NO to the Federal Republic of Germany  (Nein zur BRD) | YES to the Kingdom of Germany (Ja zum Deutschen Reich)Clipboard_Image 001

I’ve lived and traveled through Germany extensively for almost 30 years: from Dresden to Saarbrücken, Flensburg to Munich, Passau to Freiburg: a fabulous bunch of loving, kind, jovial and humorous people. The last three generations have nothing to do whatsoever with the genocide that happened during WWII.

ISIS, the U.S., NATO and CIA-led, CIA-financed private mercenaries, are creating chaos in the name of “terrorism”. Soros, Rockefellers, Bushes, Tony Blair, U.S. Washington Régime, England, France and Israel are looking for trouble by poking the Germans in a way they should not. Germany was coerced to “welcome” 1.2 to 1.5 Million migrants in 2015. An additional million (at least) will have arrived to Germany by the end of 2016.

Clipboard_Image 062

The “Establishment” should not incite a German blueprint of what happened in Egypt, Tahrir Square on February the 4th of 2011. Right now the West is pushing Germany over the edge: beware!

There is so much liquid to be poured into a jug. Eventually the laws of physics take over:

It overflows!

Bruno P. Gebarski

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The Six-Step U.S. Strategy For Violent Regime Takeover

The Establishment or New World Order is leading our democracies towards the worst fascist path ever since World War Two. WWI was followed by the bloody 1939-1944 encore and a “German answer” to the despicable 1919 treaty of Versailles! Were the globalists already planning to “push” Germany into World War Two right off the bat?


Since the establishment of the Federal Reserve‘s legalized private banking criminality in 1913 in Jekyll Island thanks to Woodrow Wilson,  one of the three statesmen including  David Lloyd George and Georges Clemenceau who forced the Treaty of Versailles outcome upon Germany, this criminal institution and its fractional banking practices, have managed to turn the U.S. Dollar of the American People into a worthless piece of paper that has lost more than 95% of its initial value. Meanwhile the American folks have had to finance countless wars and coups d’état from South America, Asia (Vietnam and Laos) all the way to Europe (Kosovo) and the Middle East.


“Recently” we have been treated to the following U.S.color revolutions / coups d’état: Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt, Libya, Ukraine, Syria and who knows if the U.S. will engage in Saudi Arabia in a desperate move to save the remains of a crumbling U.S. Dollar backed up by the 1971 agreement when President Nixon de-pegged the U.S. Dollar from Gold and “reattached it” two years later (1973) via Saudi Arabia to crude oil thus creating the Petrodollar and forcing it unilaterally upon the world community.

Two main U.S. geopolitical routes are to be accounted for when looking at the present situation of our world:

1. Europe axis of U.S. and NATO nefarious geopolitical activism

By “offering” us a fascist U.S. (with EU participation) led coup d’état in Ukraine in 2014, the U.S. geopolitical aim of this maneuver was and is to weaken Europe’s economy and especially Germany while derailing the Gazprom energy supply from Russia towards the European Union.

The news nonsense reporting offered by the Western Media Presstitutes about an alleged Russian power grab is utterly ludicrous and perfectly showcasing western propaganda at its worst! Sevastopol and Crimea have been viewed by the Russian as their own version of Jerusalem! Rarely mentioned by the Western Press is the fact that Crimea voted to 93% to remain Russian!  To add to the agony of Europe’s aching economies, The U.S. regime forced an economic coup d’état upon Europe by sanctioning EU exports (especially the German ones) towards Russia thus jeopardizing even more the receding financial state of the EU economies already affected by the fascist Euro straitjacket.

2. Middle East axis of nefarious U.S. geopolitical activism

The war terrain is multiple, so we shall limit the crisis to Syria for now! The war in Syria is not about chemical weapons whatsoever but the theater of an energy war concerning the South Pars | North Dome Gas-Condensate field shared between Qatar and Iran.


The U.S. interests are to stop cheap energy delivery coming from the Iran side (South Pars) towards Europe and favor the Qatari (North Dome) route via Saudi Arabia | Jordan | Syria and Turkey.  Since Syria favors the Russo-Chinese Gazprom connection from Iran | Iraq | Syria and Lebanon thus the U.S. CIA (Langley boys) private mercenary (ISIS) military involvement!  This is the real geopolitical dichotomy of the Syrian war in one paragraph and one additional image thanks to a  brilliant Zero Hedge contribution:


The Six-Step U.S. Strategy has been thoroughly described by the International Consultant and Author Adrian Salbuchi:

  1. Target a country by calling it first a “rogue state.”
  2. Support “local terrorists” and call them “freedom fighters.”
  3. Destroy local infrastructure (Syria) and kill citizens via “UN sanctions.”
  4. Spread lies and propaganda via the “international community” thanks to the Western Presstitutes.
  5. Liberate “democratically” the rogue nation (Ukraine) via color revolutions and U.S. invasions.
  6. Steal local assets such as theft of Gold in Libya (144 tons) and Ukraine (33 tons) while calling it “foreign investment and reconstruction.”


The NATO confusion goes on as Germany, France and England support the economic sanctions towards Russia but assist Russia against Langley U.S. made ISIS’ private army of mercenaries financed via narcotic money coming mostly from Afghanistan and the theft of crude oil in the Syrian and Iraqi fields!

A crucial geopolitical year ahead in a world were the drumbeat of World War Three is getting louder and louder…

Bruno P. Gebarski



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