U.S. Exceptionalism and U.S. Global Terror Management Strategy | Oligarchs and Neocons’ Destructive Agenda (Part Five)

Those who corrupt the public mind are just as evil as those who steal from the public purse.” —Adlai Stevenson | 1900 — 1965 | 23rd Vice President of the United States

In Part One, Part Two, Part Three and Part Four of this series, we saw how the U.S. has become a contested (by Russia and China) geopolitical Hegemon. We reviewed the illegal attacks and following wars on Serbian Kosovo and Iraq: Perfect examples of the neocons’ favorite military doctrine of preemptive strike. We analyzed the irrefutable evidence of U.S.-neocon mainstream media propaganda backed up by some pristine U.S. publications such as: The New York Times, The Washington Post, or even the U.S. Presidency.

John Pilger once wrote: “Journalism is the first casualty of war,” and mainstream Western news outlets have become as lethal and war-mongering as former Soviet Union (USSR) and German Democratic Republic (GDR) propaganda tools. Just like the USSR (Part Four) was defending its crumbling empire, the West has jumped on the propaganda bandwagon and rehypothicated the notion of a democratic state into a daunting Wagnerian Leitmotiv of “freedom, liberation and reform.” An alleged “democratizationZeitgeist has followed as this neocon doctrine has literally been shoved down the throats of countries like Afghanistan, Iraq, Egypt and Ukraine and this, regardless of local national opinions and interests.

In his wonderful work: America’s Deadliest Export: Democracy, The Truth About US Foreign Policy and Everything Else, William Blum blows off the neocon “democracy and freedom narrative” to expose the real geopolitical and geofinancial situation on the ground:  “. . . [B]ut freedom [in Iraq] indeed reign[s] — for the great multinationals to extract everything they can from Iraq’s resources and labor without the hindrance of [Iraqi] public interest laws, environmental regulations, or worker protections (emphasis Geopoliticalnews).”

__geopoliticsnews_f_mainstream-madia-neocon-propaganda_1Mulling over these last three quotes and comparing them with the first GDR one, helps put things into perspective. Thus, one may wonder how educated journalists like Thomas Friedman, Michael Gerson and David Brooks could churn out such literary neocon gobbledygook and gibberish. What could such book authors and columnist luminaries teach their kids about character, honesty and truth? Could these political point-scoring neocon stooges have become pathological liars suffering mythomania? One day, they too will have joined the shameful and despicable group of propagandists and will have added their names to a list of fascist “collaborateurs” (French euphemism for traitors) who, just like the Vichy deserters, will have contributed to the shame, disgrace and destruction of U.S. society and its citizens.

Julian Casablanca recently asked world expert Canadian American Dr. Henry Giroux “What entities are more powerful banks or nations?” Dr. Henry Giroux answered: “I think that now, nations are controlled by financial interests: Hedge funds and banks clearly control the U.S. Government. If you look at the number of lobbyists auditing any person in Congress, you know it is just overwhelming. Policies are basically written for corporations, I think the notion of State, of Governance being something that is being representative of [the] people, it is not just simply a lie, not just simply a myth, it is a distortion and complete misrepresentation and I will give you an example: Princeton did a study, a few years ago, and looked at policies over a 30 — 40 years period: 95% of those policies had nothing to do with the American People. Nothing! And Princeton concluded . . . that we no longer live in a democracy, we live in an oligarchy: Oligarchy meaning a government controlled by the rich (emphasis throughout Geopoliticalnews).”

Geopoliticalnews often uses three expressions to describe our 21st Century neocon Nazi fascist power grab takeover:

  • Plutocrat | Cambridge Dictionary: “Someone who becomes powerful because they are rich.” A heavy hitter, authoritarian, autocrat, autocratic, big beast, despot, dictator, dictatorial, establishment, figurehead, grey eminence, heavy, potentate, power broker, strongman, tyrant, voiceless.
  • Oligarch | Dictionary.com: “A form of government in which all power is vested in a few persons” or “In a dominant class or clique; government by the few”; “A state or organization so ruled”; “The persons or class so ruling.”
  • Kleptocrat | Merriam-Webster Dictionary: “Government by those who seek chiefly status and personal gain at the expense of the governed.”

Neocons promote:

  • National socialism (born in pre-WWII Germany as National Sozialismus
  • Financial feudalism led by oligarchs and plutocrats
  • Pro-Corporate trade “partnership campaigns”such as TTIP, TPP, NAFTA, CETA and TISA
  • Neo-Stalinism propaganda for wealthy oligarchs
  • Lawless and permissive liberalism or destruction of traditional Judeo-Christian societal structures
  • Removal of God and His laws, or any signs of His sovereignty as Creator and Ruler of the universe and mankind
  • One world borderless plutocracy (New World Order)
  • Global theft of countries’ assets  replaced by worthless fiat paper money issued by the private central bankster criminality of the worst kind: FED (the U.S. Federal Reserve), BOE (Bank of England), ECB (European Central Bank), BOJ (Bank of Japan), World Bank, IMF (International Monetary Fund), and last but not least the BIS: Bank of International Settlements | Basel, Switzerland | The Central Bank of all Central Banks.

Are our societies becoming dehumanized, totalitarian, crippled by environmental disasters and cataclysmic decline of traditional societal values? Is this 21st century unfolding in front of our very eyes promoting the shapes of a cacotopian society as described in George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four novel?

Welcome to 21st century dystopian neo-Stalinist socialist capitalism

Bruno Gebarski

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