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Saudi Mass murderer rewarded with French highest distinction

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The French Legion of Honor [Ordre national de la Légion d’honneur} is the highest distinction and honor in France. The Order was founded on 19 May 1802 by Napoleon Bonaparte in the intention to reward civil and military merit, excellent talents and great virtues. Not only French nationals have been awarded this medal, but also many foreigners. On March the fourth of 2016, in a secret ceremony [socialist-fascist] French President Francois Hollande has handed over the Legion of Honor to Mohammed bin Nayef, the interior minister and crown prince of Saudi Arabia. Since the news was made public by the Saudis, the indignation in France is large. Rewarding one of the greatest butchers, warmongers and terror financier with this order, is more than a scandal. It is a dishonor and offense to anyone who has received this award thus far; which is exactly what well-known French actress Sophie Marceau said as she is about to be given the same award. She recently wrote on twitter: “After the 154 executions the Saudi crown prince authorized in 2015 in his country, I refuse to accept the Order.”Clipboard_Image 020

As a protest sign, Alain Nicolas, another well-known French citizen, gave back the Order that was initially given to him by French President Jacques Chirac (1995-2007). Alain Nicola, former director of Museums of France, anthropologist and historian, wrote to President François Hollande in a personal letter: “I see your gesture as the President of France as a personal insult; to be associated with such a person who does not support the human and democratic values the French nation represents.”

Saudi Arabia, the Wahhabi Sunni terrorist state and worst despotic regime in the world, has this year alone executed 70 people; on January the 2nd of 2016, 47 in one single day! Guillotine type of execution or simply death by hanging are not unusual even for mentally handicapped or children. With cruel torture practices, confessions are extorted, court hearings are held secretly and without legal representation and for the smallest offenses the most severe punishment can be applied.

Women have almost no rights, are not regarded as adults, but for all actions need a male chaperon who grant approval. Foreigners have no rights, they are treated like slaves and animals, and as owners it is allowed to humiliate them and use bodily punishment. Sexual harassment and rape of female personnel go virtually unpunished.

In addition to the terror against its own people, Saudi Arabia is still the largest sponsor of the international radical Islamic terror. Almost all terrorist groups like Al-Qaeda, al-Nusra or ISIS are funded and controlled by Riyadh who applied their murderous schemes in Libya, Iraq or Syria. Furthermore, the Saudi regime carries out a criminal war of aggression against the neighboring country of Yemen.

But one of the most criminal regimes is being honored and courted by the West [USA] and the EU-States such as Britain, France, Germany while kissing the sheikhs’ feet and letting him get away with much crimes. Why? Because they possess the largest oil reserves in the world and are the best customers for the defense industry. That is also the reason why the Saudi interior minister and crown prince mass murderer was awarded the French Order of Merit. It about business … the business of death!

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One should get sick to one’s stomach when reading such news … How about [our] European [democratic] values? The Legion of Honor has nothing to do with honor, just like the Nobel Peace Prize has nothing to do with peace. On the contrary, in 2012, some of the greatest warmongers, Barack Hussein Obama and the European Union, were rewarded for their commitment to peace, reconciliation, democracy and [European] human rights: Probably one of the greatest insolences and effronteries to be ever recorded.

Have we already forgotten the illegal war of aggression against Serbia? And what sort of peace the Afghans, Iraqis, Libyans and the Syrians are experiencing? How about the violent [Ukrainian] coup d’état sponsored by the [U.S. and the] EU, and the war in Donbass? What sort of democracy are the Greeks experiencing, utterly disenfranchised, a country where national elections are of no effect since Greece is being governed by a[n EU] Troika [of non elected fascists.] What sort of reconciliation? How about the disputes and conflicts erupting in Europe because of a self inflicted migrant crisis?

What merits, talents and virtues does Crown Prince Mohammed bin Nayefzu has to show for himself to obtain such honor from France? The merit of having executed thousands of people? The talent to finance the most dangerous terrorist groups? The virtue to wage war against the civilian population of its neighboring countries?

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Last Tuesday, Saudi fighter jets flew a series of air strikes against a busy market in the province of Hajjah in Yemen; representatives of the United Nations presented the final death toll: 119 civilians: Certainly worthy to be honored by the West with this sort of distinction right?

Murdering people is forbidden, unless made in large quantities and under one flag! In this case one even gets an award or a medal for doing it.

Manfred Petritsch (aka Freeman), Friday, 18th of March 2016 (Translation: Bruno Gebarski)



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Britain & U.S. Pre-WWI “Terror Management” | Winston Churchill | The Reichsbank, The Federal Reserve & The Lusitania Trap (Part Two)

After having won the 1871 war against France, Germany transformed its 300 entities, duchies and city states into a more unified country. In 1876. Germany also started its own central bank, the Reichsbank issuing a Goldmark independently from the Rothschild and Rockefeller central banks criminals of London and Paris. This rapidly allowed Germany to grow enough financial and industrial wealth to become a major European geopolitical and geo-financial power thus threat to both France and Britain.

By 1900, Germany had become the largest steel producer in Europe (1913 steel production: Germany: 19,3 million tons. Britain: 10.4 million tons) with more railway tracks than Britain or France. In 1903, the Naval race between Britain and Germany led the British Navy to build the Lusitania: Coined the “Greyhound of the Seas”, the Lusitania was to become the fastest Atlantic Crossing and to compete with the German Hapag, which dated back to 1847, and Norddeutscher Lloyd (NDL) or North German Lloyd (NGL) formed in 1856.

The Lusitania made her first trip from Liverpool to New York in September 1907. Right before WWI the Lusitania had been transformed for war. Ammunition magazines and concealed gun mounts were fitted on her teak deck standing by for the addition of guns whenever it would be needed.


On May 1, 1915, the ship departed New York City bound for Liverpool. Unknown to her passengers but probably no secret to the Germans, almost all her hidden cargo consisted of munitions and contraband destined for the British war effort. As the fastest ship afloat, the luxurious liner felt secure in the belief she could easily outdistance any submarine. Nonetheless, the menace of submarine attack reduced her passenger list to only half her capacity.


On May 7th, 1915, the Lusitania approached within 12 miles of the southern Irish coast. Winston Churchill, the Lord of the Admiralty, knew that German U-boats were operating in the area after three ships had been sunk in the previous 2 days. Not only did Churchill not come to the assistance of the Lusitania but he ordered her planned escort, the destroyer Juno, to return to Queenstown harbor. Earlier, the Lusitania had been ordered to reduce speed by shutting down one of her four boilers (ostensibly to save coal). She was a sitting duck and the entire Admiralty [Winston Churchill] knew it.

___lusitania-u-boat_FAt 2:10 in the afternoon a torpedo fired by the German submarine U 20 slammed into her side. A mysterious second explosion ripped the liner apart. One thousand one hundred nineteen of the 1,924 aboard died. The dead included 114 Americans which enraged the American public opinion. The political fallout was immediate. President Wilson protested strongly to the Germans. Secretary of State William Jennings Bryan, a pacifist, resigned. However, the seeds of American animosity towards Germany were sown.” Within two years after Woodrow Wilson waited for his second term reelection before sending America to war in April 2017.

Central banking: the tri-polar pre-WWI financial tension: The Bank of England, the Reichbank and the Federal Reserve.


The propagandist idea behind the Federal Reserve was that the U.S. needed a “powerful banking” entity such as the Bank of England (BoE) as American financiers thought that New York needed to develop its own commercial trading system that could handle bills of exchange in the same way as the London market. The Federal Reserve was founded in 1913 in Jekyll Island and “legalized” by U.S. President Woodrow Wilson’s government not too long after.

Clipboard_Image 002The “Fed” is a private banking institution that has become a U.S and international financial tapeworm parasite as describe by Catherine Austin Fitts. It destroys markets, capital, middle class, societies and families thus, the very foundation of a healthy and thriving society! Since Post WWII Bretton Woods agreements, its parasite tentacles have expended globally and connected itself to the Bank of England, the Bank of Japan and the European Central Bank with even more looting organizations such as the IMF (International Monetary Fund). the World Bank and the BIS (Bank of International Settlements), all having one single basic currency packaged into four different “names”: USD, GBP, EUR & ‎¥EN. The CHF (Swiss Franc) should be added to the list since the BIS in Basel is very much part of this international banking cartel. It is very relevant to refer again to G. Edward Griffin’s monumental work on the Federal Reserve: “The Creature from Jekyll Island: A Second Look at the Federal Reserve.”

Paul Moritz Warburg (1868 – 1932) was one of the original founders of this “US financial private banking cartel” who drew up the institutional design of the Federal Reserve System. His older brother Max Moritz Warburg (1867 – 1946), a close adviser of Kaiser Wilhelm II. was the German Jewish banker who assisted Germany into financing its WWI expenses. Max Moritz Warburg and his younger brother Paul Moritz were both in favor of an American German financial version of the French-British “Entente Cordiale” in order to erode the British financial and industrial monopoly.

The creation of the German Reichsbank established in 1876. was seen by Britain as a financial threat likely to compete with the Bank of England. From 1873 to 1914 the German Empire introduced the German Goldmark.  At the beginning of WWI the Goldmark was turned into a “Papermark” to become one of the most disastrous financial crisis in German history! The Allies were shrewd enough to demand “Goldmark” payments for WWI compensation and not the fiat “Papermark” legal tender. The German Goldmark became a threat to the London and Washington central bankers: An additional reason why Germany had “to be destroyed.” It would be  worthwhile reading Peter Williamson Campbell‘s work: Britain Was Responsible For WWI, WWII & The Holocaust: Aided And Abetted By The USA And The Vatican to shed more light on the topic of western banking criminality.

The carving out of Germany following WWI by the allies was obvious!  France and Britain wanted to do away with a possible ”German threat” and blend Germany into a European context that should never allow the country, financially and economically, to ever stand up again. Much more was to follow after WWII and the 1992 Treaty of Maastricht coined by French Président François Mitterrand as: “A Versailles Without The War.

Bruno P. Gebarski

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