Fifteen Years of Western NATO and U.S.-led “Terror Management” | Germany’s Migrant Sexual Crimes: unintended consequences or organized consequence? (part seven)

Let’s briefly review the legal difference between Migrant and Refugees in order to assess the present German crisis and avoid being swayed by ongoing western mainstream media propaganda.

“[A] Refugee [is a person who is] forced to leave [his] country because [he is] at risk of, or ha[s] experienced persecution. The concerns of refugees are human rights and safety, not economic advantage. They leave behind their homes, most or all of their belongings, family members and friends. Some are forced to flee with no warning and many have experienced significant trauma or been tortured or otherwise ill-treated. The journey to safety is fraught with hazard and many refugees risk their lives in search of protection. They cannot return unless the situation that forced them to leave improves.“

“A migrant is a person who makes a conscious choice to leave their country to seek a better life elsewhere. Before they decide to leave their country, migrants can seek information about their new home, study the language and explore employment opportunities. They can plan their travel, take their belongings with them and say goodbye to the important people in their lives. They are free to return home at any time if things don’t work out as they had hoped, if they get homesick or if they wish to visit family members and friends left behind.”

Some Migrants coming from Hungary and arriving in Austria even hire taxis: “Before this all started, [taxi] drivers would be lucky to earn 150 EUR in a 12-hour shift in Vienna. I don’t mind waiting sometimes five or six hours at a time because I know I will get a fare.” . . .  “Here at the Nickelsdorf crossing point, a long line of between 130 and 140 taxis snakes back from the border, waiting for the next train to disgorge its latest cargo of people on the Hungarian side, who then walk across.” Refugees do not hire cabs; they usually are content with food and shelter: those migrants are on the move for financial reasons.

1,2 to 1.5 million refugees migrants were “invited” by Kanzlerin Angela Merkel after unilaterally opening the German borders on September the fourth of 2015. Many German citizens are still wondering how could the leadership of one of the most powerful economies in the world do such an insane act of treason towards its own citizens?  Angela Merkel doesn’t have the legal (constitutional) right to remove Germany‘s national borders and jeopardize its sovereignty! What could be the reasons that led reluctant Hegemon Angela Merkel to become one of the worst post WWII self-destructing German kamikaze?

  • Corruption/Money incentives?
  • Possible (death) threats?
  • Possible promotion as United Nations Secretary-General or President of the European Council?
  • Childless German citizen succumbing to the renowned „pride“of the German holocaust shame?

A million of displaced citizens searching asylum for better economic conditions do not qualify as “refugees” as the western (German) propaganda would have us to believe but as migrants. Should we perceive this migrant crisis as the “sovereign protection” of the German citizens or the global protection of the Migrants?

Global oligarch Zionist cover-up “philanthropist” and “donor” George Soros clarifies the issue:  [Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s] plan treats the protection of national borders as the objective and the refugees [migrants] as an obstacle, . . . [o]ur plan treats the protection of refugees [migrants] as the objective and national borders as the obstacle.” George Soros, a global citizen worth to be matched to U.S. geopolitical psychopath Dr. Thomas P.M. Barnett’s own words: “. . . In Europe a light-brown race would emerge this way with an average intelligence quotient of 90 – ideal working slaves. . . . [I]rrational people who will fight against this mingling of races. . . . [W]e should kill them.”

It is more than legitimate to suggest that migrants did cause the bulk of the sexual crimes committed on Germany’s 2015’s New Years Eve celebrations. Countless reports of sexual attacks and crimes were registered in Germany’s largest cities.

Mobs of nonwhite invader [migrants] took part in mass sex attacks in towns and cities all across Germany, Austria, and even Switzerland on New Year’s Eve; it has emerged as the controlled media’s censorship of refugee-crime collapses in the face of Internet and social media.”

  • Berlin
  • Bielefeld: where 150 “North African” refugee-criminals sexually harassed women on the main street and in a discotheque in the town;
  • Cologne
  • Düsseldorf
  • Frankfurt am Main (there is also a Frankfurt an der Oder)
  • Freiburg: In Freiburg there were a number of violent attacks on homosexuals in the city center. According to police reports, a large mob of refugee-criminals attacked, punched, and kicked the homosexuals outside one of their clubs in the town.
  • Hamburg
  • Leipzig
  • Munich: where groups of migrants harassed women in the city center on New Year’s Eve
  • Stuttgart

Austria: Salzburg: According to the Austrian OE24 news service, there were at least seven sex attacks in Salzburg, where there is a large invader center. And the list goes on and on: Austria: Vienna; Finland: Helsinki; Sweden: Kalmar, Switzerland: Zurich!

According German Journalist Gerhardt Wienewski, epic migration year 2015 represents a 1.2 to 1.5 million migrants  i n v a s i o n  for Germany. Not only should this invasion be analyzed as a potential societal and sociological suicide but considered in terms of military strategy.  You might think: over the top conspiracy theory? I thought “may be this time” Gerhard Wienewski did go an “extra geopolitical mile” but let’s reflect on Gerhard and Kelly M. Greenhill’s brilliant military analysis and consider this migration in military terms:

  • Occupation of the targeted country
  • Operational military base occupation
  • Weapon of mass migration
  • Forced Migration as “Non-Military” instrument of coercion
  • Extract political, military and/or economic concessions from target states
  • Hypocrisy costs via NGOs “protecting migrant’s safety”
  • 75 to 80 percent of migrants are young adult males
  • German Spring” 2016 and sexual crimes: women as the spoil of war

In Kelly M. Greenhill’s book “Weapons of Mass Migration”, Kelly examines the idea of how nations and non-state actors use forced migration as a non-military instrument of coercion. According Kelly M. Greenhill: “If traditional military coercion involves the use of threats or the use of force in order to extract changes in behavior, engineered migration by extension entails the threatened or the actual mass movement of people in order to extract political, military, and/or economic concessions from target states. Quite often this a tool that’s used by actors that are, relatively speaking, weaker than their targets and the threat to use demographic bombs or use people as weapons can help, unfortunately, level the playing field and give weak actors a sense of leverage to pressure target states in a way that allows them to punch above their weight from a strict capabilities standpoint. Unfortunately, this means that some of the world’s most vulnerable populations end up being pawns in this game between states and their targets.”

In part eight of this series, I will attempt to show how Germany and Austria have become the two targeted culprits of a vicious Western (U.S.) mass migration attack.

Bruno P. Gebarski

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Additional Sources of information in English:

Additional Source of information in German:


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