Fifteen Years of Western NATO and U.S.-led “Terror Management”, Weapons of Mass Migration: Forced Displacement and Coercion (Part Three)

We are being told by (German) Main Stream Media that Migrants are warmly accepted by the Germans (obviously things changed after the violence that took place on New Year’s Eve in Cologne, Düsseldorf and Hamburg). But is it or was it really so? Boatloads of “refugees” are originating from Northern Africa’s U.S. war-torn zones such as Libya, Tunisia, Syria, Iraq and Eurasian Afghanistan.

This kind of mass migration acceptance would not be possible without the support (propaganda) of the German Main Stream Media as Udo Ulfkotte showed in his book “Gekaufte Journalisten – Bought Journalists”.  Interesting to notice that a survey results presented to the Germans: “Welcome Refugees to Germany“ never mentioned that

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19,2% of the tweets originated from the UK, 17% from the U.S. and 5% from Australia! How on earth can the UK, U.S. and Australia represent the veracity of the German‘s reaction and perception to the Migrant crisis when only 6,4% of the tweets originated from Germany?

We now know that 75%-80% of the migrants are healthy and vibrant young men being purposely sent to Germany and Austria! They arrive by boat mostly financed by the U.S.: do watch this excellent video breaking down what is happening between Libya and Europe. The „choice“ of „refugees“ moved to Germany/Austria must be carefully „chosen“ as the bulk of them are „healthy and full of vitality“ as we were able to witness in „New Year‘s Eve attacks on women“ in the second and fourth largest German cities of Hamburg and Cologne (Köln).

This „migration scheme“ seems well organized.  Austrian authorities know that “paperless migrants“ arrive without phones but are given a smartphone after going through “local authority procedures.”  It’s impossible to acquire a mobile phone in Austria or Germany without showing personal identification, a residential address and a bank account: “it’s for security reason” we have been told! So how can unregistered migrants be given smartphones?  Who is giving it to them including A1 Austrian Network SIM-cards? Who is footing the bill? Could it be the owner of Austrian A1, Carlos Slim the Mexican billionaire and second richest man in the world?

With smart phones not only can migrants call families back home, which is very understandable, of course, but also instantly organize flash mobs – or other joint activities that do not correspond to the practices of the local population!” Think New Year’s Eve (terrorist) attacks on women in Cologne and Hamburg.  Things are rarely given for free unless Return on Investment (ROI) is to be expected. So, what sort of ROI are we here talking about? Is the Establishment trying to create social tension within Germany and Austria’s while weakening the economic heartland of Europe?

Germany’s federal states are planning to spend around EUR 17 billion ($18.7 billion) on dealing with the refugee crisis in 2016, the newspaper Die Welt said on Tuesday, citing a survey it conducted among their finance ministries. The sum, bigger than the EUR 15.3 billion that the central government planned to allocate to its education and research ministry in 2015, is a measure of the strain that the influx is causing across the country as a whole.“

In 2015, the German government is going to spend more money on its Migrant crisis than on its education! Have the Germans been democratically asked about This? No! They have not. Dr. Prof. Michael Vogt from Quer-Denken TV is suggesting that the Migrant crisis is specifically targeted to Germany and Austria: Europe’s two strongest economies. The destructive results of mass migration will be felt on both sides for a long time to come. While Migrants will never feel home, Germans are being robbed of their homeland identity.

Dr. Thomas P. M. Barnett‘s bizarre geopolitical views could give the creeps to any sound minded individual listening to his material. Probably a derailed geostrategic genius! One of his strategies for Europe (to remain a U.S. vassal) could be very enhanced and accelerated by long term „Mingling of races“ – a targeted strategy of the New World Order.”

„In his books ‘The Pentagon’s New Map‘ – meaning so to speak – the US-Defense-Ministry’s new version of the world map and ‘Blueprint for ActionDr. Thomas P. M. Barnett turns out to be a cynical supporter of globalization. He claims that the final goal of globalization is ‘the synchronization of all the countries on earth‘. To be achieved, as he says, through a ‘mingling of the races.'” “According to Barnett, In Europe a light-brown race would emerge this way with an average intelligence quotient of 90 – ideal working slaves. Barnett warns in his books against ‘irrational people who will fight against this mingling of races’. He continues in a threatening tone, pointing out that he certainly takes notice of the irrational arguments of their opponents. However if they should put up any resistance against the global world order – he demands ‘we should kill them.'”

So what could be the reasons for the Establishment to threaten Germany with this Weapon of Mass Migration? According Kelly M. Greenhill, Author of “Weapons of Mass Migration: Forced Displacement, Coercion, and Foreign Policy”, this type of asymmetrical warfare has been used more than fifty times in the second part of the 20th Century.

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So is Germany the recent victim of Weapons of Mass Migration? Is Angela Merkel, the German Kanzler(in) coerced by the U.S. (and her oath of allegiance) to accept this flood of migrants pouring in into Germany?  What is the geopolitical goal of this “organized” human tidal wave?  What are the possible reasons for Germany to be under U.S., Britain and  France’s geopolitical attack?

  1. The inner strength of the German (and Austrian) economies: the only two EU-candidates still resisting the destruction of the fascist Euro straitjacket and the EU’s financial looting?
  2. The renewed Nord Stream 2 pipeline Gazprom agreements between Germany and Russia from whom Germany imports 40% of its gas and 30% of its crude oil?
  3. A worse conceivable U.S. threat: Germany and Russia become allies again! The reason for a U.S. coup d’état in Ukraine and how the U.S. coerced Europe into imposing economic sanctions upon Russia?
  4. Angela Merkel’s CDU being reluctant to sign TTIP, the fascist, kleptocrat and oligarch U.S. agreement that would remove the little of what is left of our German/European sovereignty?
  5. Germany and France (François Hollande) turning their support towards Russia in their common fight against ISIS, the U.S. terror subsidiary led by the CIA?
  6. France and Germany creating a split within the Western Alliance of NATO by turning towards Russia in attacking ISIS?

The German leadership’s psychological game is evil, subtle and refined. It abuses its national shameful past: The WWII Jewish holocaust. This emotional shameful “weapon” is used by the government, institutions, medias and NGOs against its own people with the aim of marginalizing citizens expressing legitimate concerns about the migrants such as costs, violence (as exemplified during new year’s eve events in Cologne) and terrorism. They are automatically stamped as “intolerant”, “right extremist” or even “Nazi”: a feeling Germans do not want to be reminded of or associated with because of the difficult past of their national history.

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A final quote from Joschka Fischer former German Minister and Vice-Bundeskanzler

“The plundering of Germany; a raison d’état”

Germany is the problem, because the Germans are more diligent, disciplined and talented than the rest of Europe. This will always lead to inequalities. But it can be counter measured by moving as much money as possible outside of Germany. It does not matter for what it is, even if it is radically wasted – the main thing, the Germans do not have it and already the world is saved.” —Joseph Martin “Joschka” Fischer

Bruno P. Gebarski

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