Fifteen Years of U.S.-led and (Western) NATO “Terror Management”, 911 and Afghanistan (Part One)

A few days ago Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump made an intriguing statement:

“We have a little situation that could be a Trojan horse. You look at what is happening in Germany. Cologne never had a problem. Cologne, Germany. Everything’s fine. No problem. Now they are having riots, they’re having rapes. Have you heard about the New Year’s Eve [attack]? It was like a disaster. And the German people are going to riot. The German people are going to end up overthrowing [Angela Merkel]. I don’t know what the hell she is thinking. But they have millions of people pouring into Germany, now they’re not stopping them. Now I guess they are going to have to stop them because the German people aren’t going to put up [with it].”

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I entertain a solid relationship with good friends of mine who own a superb atelier restoring furniture here in the center of Hamburg, Germany’s second largest city in the quiet Jewish neighborhood of Grindelhof, near the international tennis venue of Rothenbaum Chaussee.  Suzanne and Thomas Balzuweit (owners) are nervous; and they have reasons to be.  Chatting with the both of them, while sipping on a superb German lager, helped me realized that both of them are CDU advocates: Christian Democratic Union and its leader Angela Merkel who became Bundeskanzlerin in 2005.

“This cannot go on like this,” Suzanne said, “something must happen and this time ‘hell is going to break lose!’” … “Our government is forgetting and betraying us … Angela Merkel is not representing our interests anymore.” I asked Suzanne: “how many refugees could be pouring in into Hamburg?” She answered: “…About a couple of hundred daily,” while adding passionately: “… And this is going to have to end otherwise our upper-class clientele is going to stop restoring…”

Jürgen Elsässer, who wants Angela Merkel to be arrested, estimates the amount of refugees that have poured in into Germany last year to be around two million (for a German population of roughly 82,6 Million).  How did it all get started? The West (England, U.S. France) has been looting and stealing from poor countries with institutions such as IMF (conceived at a UN conference in Bretton Woods, in July 1944.) for decades: nothing new under the sun of Western Imperialism!

So what triggered this intercontinental migration of races towards Europe? Who is sponsoring the migration of peoples that have very little in common with the Judeo-Christian background of our European Continent?

I’d like to suggest that 2011/911 was the trigger; an internal U.S. coup d’état; a theatrical Orwellian production, an 180° turnaround repeat of our French Bastille Day staged by a corrupt fascist criminal elite willing to sacrifice 2.500 innocent lives for the political aim of destabilizing the U.S. and the Western geopolitical terrain going on forward.  911 was a diabolically planned and orchestrated attack! A thermite implosion, (including Hollywood pyrotechnical effects) of both World Trade Center Towers with an egregious 47 storey Salomon Brothers Building collapse “encore” via “live” BBC anchor Jane S. Stanley reporting.  Stanley and her British Radio Broadcasting were caught lying since airing the collapse twenty three minutes before it even happened!

Is it terrorism that led the U.S. to attack Afghanistan and start a war in Iraq? Or was it about the nefarious geofinancial interests in London / Washington / Paris and the control of the “Big-Five” worldwide cartels: Financial, Media, Energy, Military and Pharmacy / Chemical / Health / Food?

General Wesley Clark, retired 4-star U.S. Army general, Supreme Allied Commander of NATO during the 1999 War on Yugoslavia, shed some light on the background of what is about to follow: “We’re going to take out seven countries in 5 years, starting with Iraq, and then Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and, finishing off, Iran.”

What were the reasons? none! No new development on the terror front!

The Mainstream Media “terrorism” smokescreen and its “Al Qaeda/Isis/Isil/Is/Daesh” CIA-hired, financed and led mercenaries from the U.S. Embassy Command Center in Ankara (Turkey) has little to do with what is going on! It is all about “business as usual” or the geofinancial control of the “Big-Five” and central banking command and control!

Did you know that since the 1776 establishment of the United States of America, there’s never been a single day without U.S. involvement in at least one war?

According Prof. Dr. Michael Friedrich Vogt, profit and share-value of larger U.S. Military Corporations have increased by 2700% in the last ten years! 

A cascade of U.S. color revolutions and coup d’états to follow: 2001 Afghanistan:

The U.S. invaded Afghanistan (already there as early as 2000) for the main purpose of controlling the cocaine trade circulating directly via NATO airbases: Incirlik (Turkey) and Ramstein (Germany).  According John F. Abbotsford, a 38-year old Afghan war veteran, and former CIA analyst: “The CIA has been dealing drugs since its creation. They’ve been smuggling drugs everywhere in the world for the past 60 years, in Taiwan in 1949 to support Chiang Kai-shek against the Chinese commies, in Vietnam, in Nicaragua, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg” he launched out during the court trial. “We helped the Mujahideen develop poppy cultivation to fight the Soviets, but we took back matters in our own hands in 2001 when we invaded Afghanistan under Bush.”

After 911, the US military-industrial complex quickly invaded Afghanistan and began facilitating the reinstatement of the country’s poppy industry. According to the United Nations Drug Control Program (UNDCP), opium cultivation increased by 657 percent in 2002 after the US military invaded the country under the direction of then-President George W. Bush.

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In 2015 Zeroe Hedge reported: “…Opium production is stronger than ever in Afghanistan, which now produces 90 percent of the world’s supply of the plant that’s refined to create heroin. This rise in production would have been impossible prior to the U.S.-led invasion, and it comes despite some $8.4 billion spent in counternarcotics efforts by the U.S., specifically designated to wipe out opium production in Afghanistan.”

In part two we will strive to give you an overview of what triggered the U.S. and British coalition to invade the sovereign nation of Iraq.

Bruno P. Gebarski

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